Friday, January 9, 2009

My Mac Story – 001: Getting There (The Big Decision)

I have been ogling the Macs for quite some time. Almost 8 years to be more precise. If I lived in an isolated universe where things are perfect, and people can make computer choices and decisions based only on what they like, I would have been using Mac since 2000 or so. However since (what must easily be) 95+% of computer market and user base in our region is “wintel” oriented, I went with Windows.

Also, I found Windows to be sufficient for my needs since Windows 98SE + Office 2000. I was able to combine several languages including Chinese Simplified and Traditional in one document, which made my life really nice and simple. The transition to Windows XP was also surprisingly painless, and I must admit that Windows XP has worked great for me ever since.

So why switch to Mac OS at all; well, the simplest answer would be curiosity. I have had previous experience with Mas OS pre-version 9 and I did not like it that much, however I was really curios to see and experience the Mac OS X in action and real life use.

My main problem with switching completely is my work. I do translation and localization for living, and somehow the localization software has never really made it to Mac, at least I was not able to find any suitable alternative for, e. g., Trados that would allow the same productivity (if you know any, please, let me know). Plus, I have to use bunch of proprietary programs for software localization, and those run only in Windows (no alternatives here, I'm afraid).

However, ever-since Boot Camp appeared, the Mac became an option also for me. I will be trying to document my experience with it, from shopping, through double-booting to using both Mac OS X and Windows in my MacBook on daily basis.

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