Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Mac Story – 004: Unboxing – Pictures

The box front.

The box top.

The box after opening. Notice the broken seal - when you buy a new comp, and don't have any extras installed in the shop, this should be intact, of course.

The computer is out of the tray dividing the top and bottom layers of the box.

The tray is out, comp is out, cables are peeking through, and the small box with the media and guides is waiting to be opened.

The last treasure box opened.

The power cables and adapter. Notice the clever possibility to switch the type of plug very easily.

The unibody aluminium MacBook in its full glory (note that the back of the notebook is at the bottom of the picture, so that when it is opened, the Apple logo faces the world and distinctly shines with its bluish light).

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