Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My First Blog

I am a technology and IT junkie, however, I am also exceptionally good at (intentionally) ignoring new stuff. Take Internet for example, others were already using it for ages even in our then relatively backward corner of IT woods, and I doing my best to avoid it as long as humanly possible. I just knew, I would get completely hooked and almost addicted. Well finally, I jumped in, and now, whenever I have to use my computer “unplugged”, I feel almost lost.

One of the phenomena of the present day online life I have been ignoring (very successfully, I must say) for several years, is blogging. It seems everyone has a blog, even some people's pets do. So now, I am putting and end to it, and what you are reading now is my very first blog (by the way, thanks for surviving all the previous lines and reading them as well).

I plan on writing about the following topics: photography (Canon cameras & lenses, software tools), software and online services (both related and unrelated to each other), computers (I have been using computers since I was 10 or so, but only a few days ago I managed to buy a MacBook, so some of you might find my transition interesting, some might enjoy my Windows-limited insight and some others might have a good laugh when reading about my naiveté), and also about languages, translation and localization.

So, if you are (by any chance) interested, feel free to check back, you are most welcome.


1 comment:

  1. Ahoj Hynek,
    sorry, ze sa mi nechce po anglicky, ale len hlasim, ze este ani ja nemam blog a ani sa nechystam, takze nebol si posledny. Kazdopadne je toto moj prvy prispevok do blogu. Hla, a uz je ten novy rok niecim zaujimavy... ;-)
    A este chvalim krasne fotky a prajem ti krasny den!